Monday, May 5, 2014

Money Envelopes with Quilling! :)


I got a big order last month for Money Envelopes. This time requirement was Quilling ...Quilling n Quilling. Made lots of Shagun Envelopes with quilled flowers and leaves.. n mix n match with die cut leaves, pollens, pearls & glitters.

Have lots of pics to share so will share with all of you in coming posts. Here are some ...

Hope you like...
Come with more in next post..tada!! :) :)
Happy Crafting!


  1. love the use of die cuts with quilling. Which die have you used for the last two blue envelopes? Esp the top blue one

    1. Thank you so much Vandana. Yes..I love this die too...its Cherry Lynn - Fanciful Flourish. :)

    2. i have this die too. I've used it on cards with quilling, onto envelopes though. Would you be also tell me What you've used for the leaves apart from the flourish die on the top blue envelope? Thanks in advance :)

    3. It's Memory Box- Riviera Corner. :)

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